Start your business

The first steps to becoming an OGD™ Service Partner
Steps you'll take
From submitting your application to servicing your first customer, becoming a partner can take as little as three weeks, depending on the availability of opportunities in your area.

*Training for highly experienced technicians is only three days.

What you do

Set up your business

Use our on-demand support and exclusive list of resources to acquire the assets needed to get your business up and running.

Develop your skills

As you begin to set up your business, the most important step you’ll take is developing the skills needed to become a certified technician. During this training you arrive in Fort Worth, Texas where you will attend a week of classroom, and hands-on training to develop your skills as an expertly trained, successful garage door technician.

Build your network

As a local independent business, it is important to build your network of partners. This network benefits not only yourself but your customers as well. As your network grows, your ability to better serve your customers does as well, improving your business overall. OGD™ helps guide you on developing your network of partnerships with only the top manufacturers and distributors in the industry.

Delight your customers

Deliver a superior experience for your customers by exceeding their expectations. Doing so ensures your business is aligned with OGD™ customer centric culture and high expectations while also providing you with more opportunities for you to grow your business.

What we do

Get you started

Our streamlined process to acquire your business needs allow you to get your independent business operating quickly and efficiently.

Comprehensive training

Our two week, hands on training program enables you to confidently run your business successfully. Information about the field test for experienced technicians can be found in our FAQ section. Classroom and hands on training will be completed in Fort Worth, Texas during your first week of training. Your second week of training will take place out in the field working alongside one of our certified trainers who will teach you the ins and outs of operating a successful local independent business.

Give you an all-inclusive toolkit

We give you all the tools and technology needed to run your business, including step by step processes to get your business up and running and to keep it running smoothly.

Continued support

From day one, local independent business owners receive daily support from a team of specialists at OGD™ to ensure that no matter the situation, you have the resources available to handle them properly.

Are there opportunities near me?

Our Independent local business partners serve communities in cities across the U.S with new markets always opening.
If you are located in an area that is not currently providing services we still welcome your application and would love to explore new opportunities with you.
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